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Demos: A Musical Mission to Transform Children’s Lives with Philharmonie de Paris

Demos 2 Pierre Morel

A Musical Mission The Philharmonie de Paris has three main aims. “Our global aim is to share all kinds of music with all kinds of audiences,” said Nina Tchernitchko, Development Officer at Philharmonie de Paris. Concerts featuring the greatest international ensembles and their own orchestras are presented at the Philharmonie, playing classical music of course, […]

Fondation Gautier Capuçon, a Look back at the Highlights of a First Year

FGC Laureats 2022 RS 2400x2400px 1

A Long-standing Engagement Is Now a Long-standing Project Following the COVID-19 pandemic, cellist Gautier Capuçon launched a foundation bearing his name to help young musicians in their studies and the first steps of their career.  It is a project he “had been thinking about for years” knowing how difficult it was to start a career, […]

Jafowa Program: an alliance to accelerate Agroecological transition in West Africa.

Felix Vigne ©IMAGEO FDF PRONAT 12 Copie 2

Convinced of the necessity of an agroecological transition in West African agriculture and keen to support farmers’ organisations that are leading this transition, Jafowa has defined its mission, vision and governance principles to support farmers’ organisations through its calls for proposals. Agroecological transition in West Africa Over the last decade, several leading analyses on agricultural […]

Ukraine, implementing our action over the last 6 months

Solidarity with the Ukrainians

Six months ago, few days after the first Russian offensive in Ukraine, Fondation de France lauched a solidarity appeal to help the vulnerable population affected by the conflict. To date, nearly 15 million were collected thanks to generous donors. This surge of solidarity has enabled Fondation de France to identify and support some fifty initiatives, with a dual objective: to provide emergency aid while ensuring that its action is sustainable!

Fondation Lumière: Worldwide Impact for Fetal Health

Worldwide Impact for Fetal Health

The evolution of fetal imaging  The fetus is a special patient – it cannot be physically examined or questioned – so Fondation Lumière believes it’s critical to continue developing better imaging. The world has come a long way already, moving away from x-ray to ultrasound.   Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to confirm anatomical information about […]

Le Bal: Art that Speaks to Culture

Le Bal © Matthieu Samadet

Artistic Freedom Imagine a place with freedom in its artistic programming – a place which goal is to invent new formats, feature emerging artists, and structure research that brings more knowledge to the community.  THIS is LE BAL, an independent exhibition, publishing, research, and educational platform, dedicated to visual arts including photography, video, cinema, and […]

Modern Living without a Heavy Carbon Footprint: discover Hameaux Légers


Have you ever considered the impact that houses have on the environment? Most don’t – yet traditional housing practices are leading us down a dangerous ecological road.   The construction industry is a leader in pollution, ahead of food production and nearly equal with transportation.  Housing, in particular, is a leading cause of carbon dioxide (CO2) […]