Friends of Fondation de France Partnership FAQs

All charitable projects are first examined by Fondation de France who then make a recommendation to Friends of Fondation de France.

Our rigorous evaluation process meets IRS regulations. It gives donors the assurance that their gift will be directed towards effective programs and that it will be tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Learn more about how to apply, please click here.

There is one-time set-up cost of $1,000. In addition, and to subsidize administrative expenses, Friends of Fondation de France withholds a digressive percentage on the donation it receives. Learn more about how we work, by downloading our one-page presentation. We also invite you to contact us (in French or English) if you want more details. 

All documents can be prepared in French or in English.

Funds are disbursed monthly. Organizations don’t need to track incoming donations and request payments.

Friends of Fondation de France works closely with grantee partners to facilitate cross-border giving. It does not seek funds on behalf of nonprofits, but promotes itself directly to donors and donor advisors in the US who wish to support French and European charities.

To ensure funds have been used in compliance with the charitable purpose of the program, an annual report must be submitted within one year of distribution of funds.

Expand your reach in the U.S. philanthropic market

Americans gave $449.64 billion to charity in 2019, according to a recent report from Giving USA. Friends of Fondation de France provides a trustworthy and transparent giving platform to open your doors to this generous philanthropic community.

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