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Bringing Laughter into Healthcare

Le Rire Médecin’s mission Le Rire Médecin is a French nonprofit of performance clowns, supported by Friends of Fondation de France, that works hand in hand

Empowering Refugees through Tech

The Story Behind CHAMS Sofiane Ammar created CHAMS after visiting the Zaatari camp in Amman, Jordan, on the Syrian border.  “Once I arrived [to the

Keeping the Human at the Heart of Hospitals

How the Covid-19 Pandemic Changed the AP-HP Foundation While COVID-19 caused a lot of uncertainty, one extraordinary result was the outpouring of generosity. The pandemic

Henri Thulliez, Director of the Platform to Protect Whistleblowers in Africa (PPLAAF)
A Platform Protecting Whistleblowers in Africa

Threats instead of Thanks Auditors Gradi Koko and Navy Malela discovered suspicious transactions at the bank they worked in. Large fraudulent deposits were being made

Bringing Financial Equity to Higher Education

How U.S. Donors are Paying it Forward Since 2009, Audencia has been supported by the nonprofit Fondation Audencia. In just over a decade, more than