A Musical Mission to Transform Children’s Lives

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A Musical Mission The Philharmonie de Paris has three main aims. “Our global aim is to share all kinds of music with all kinds of audiences,” said Nina Tchernitchko, Development Officer at Philharmonie de Paris. Concerts featuring the greatest international ensembles and their own orchestras are presented at the Philharmonie, playing classical music of course, […]

Making Positive Environmental Change for 50 Years

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Joining Forces to Fight Climate Change As a proud member of the French Coalition of Foundations for Climate (CFFC), a group of foundations and endowment funds that seek to address climate change in the nonprofit and grant-making sector, Fondation de France is committed to finding innovative and cooperative ways to transform our world.  Fondation de France, with its various Environment programs and 100 donor-advised funds, is actively […]

The Five Major Trends In French Philanthropy


1. Increased Giving Amounts from Overall Less Donors Gross charitable contributions have remained steady in France, but the dynamics of philanthropy have shifted. While donors are giving a higher average gift than years past, the number of individuals making those gifts are declining.  Generational and socioeconomic demographics are at play: 32% of donors belong to […]

The Pursuit of Democratic Philanthropy

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Diverse Funding The foundation landscape around the world today inadvertently hands a disproportionate measure of power to a small number of donors providing the majority of charitable funding.  From the start, Fondation de France has cultivated a diverse range of revenue streams including an endowment from varied assets, small gifts from a large pool of […]