Keeping the Human at the Heart of Hospitals



Inside the “city of light” lives the largest hospital system in Europe, The Greater Paris University Hospitals (French acronym: AP-HP). Its impact and reach are vast – treating 6.9 million patients per year and employing more than 100,000 staff members. 

In 2015, AP-HP created a foundation to support research stemming from 39 hospitals within its medical ecosystem. The foundation grew rapidly, raising over 20 million euros (over $22 million U.S. dollars) in five years to support 200 projects and teams in various fields such as neurology, cardiology, oncology, psychiatry, and rheumatology – just to name a few.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, the foundation has expanded its mission further to fund projects that keep the human at the heart of the hospital – including developments that improve the quality of life for both staff and patients, provide access to healthcare for all, and invent the future of medicine to impact lives around the world.

How the Covid-19 Pandemic Changed the AP-HP Foundation

While COVID-19 caused a lot of uncertainty, one extraordinary result was the outpouring of generosity. The pandemic helped the AP-HP Foundation gain more visibility, and more supporters. 

From private donations to crowdfunding, 45 million euros (over $50 million U.S. dollars) were collected to fund COVID-19 research and create respite areas for hospital staff members who were facing the pandemic challenges head on. 

While the respite areas were critical to maintain the hospital staff’s mental and physical health during the height of the crisis, the pandemic didn’t cause the need – it exposed an existing need, and the response will be continued and improved upon in the future.

Soins intensifs 9 credit AP HP


Health Has No Borders

The COVID-19 pandemic reminded us all that health has no borders. While AP-HP services patients in France, the impact of its medical innovation is worldwide. 

Thanks to Friends of Fondation de France, U.S. donors are now able to support specific  AP-HP Foundation projects of international importance – such as the development of the Institute for Child and Adolescent Developmental Pathologies (French acronym: IDEAL) which will advance child psychiatry specialties.  

With a fundraising goal of 21 million euros (nearly $36 million U.S. dollars) on a total budget of 36 million euros (over $40 million U.S. dollars), AP-HP is looking to create IDEAL by 2025 at the Armand-Trousseau AP-HP hospital (Central Paris).

IDEAL’s ambition is to regroup all child psychiatric services within a leading European health center, creating a best-in-class environment for both patients and health professionals. IDEAL will foster medical and academic synergies, particularly with the teams of neonatology, neuropediatrics, emergency services, specific medical care for teens, and clinical genetics. 

While the creation of IDEAL will certainly advance child psychiatry, it will also humanize the care of patients as well as structure clinical research as closely to their needs as possible. 


Innovative Services, Innovative Philanthropy

The AP-HP Foundation not only supports groundbreaking medical research, care, and facilities, but innovates through its model of philanthropy.

Supporters of the AP-HP Foundation can donate directly to a specific team, patient project, or research endeavor for a particular purpose such as new equipment, new wards or facilities, and even staffing for research. 

While other medical facilities limit their scope in research, AP-HP is committed to all types of research (fundamental, applied, clinical, observational) in all fields (oncology, diabetes, rare diseases, etc.) to ensure access to healthcare for all.

As we continue to look at building a brighter world for generations to come, Friends of Fondation de France is more committed than ever to helping innovative models like the AP-HP Foundation.


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