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Mission & Vision

Fondation Art Explora aims to reduce the cultural divide and bring works of art to new, large and diverse audiences. Fondation Art Explora is a philanthropic organization with international, nomadic, non-collection and digital ambitions.

Actions Led

Every year, twenty artists are selected to participate in the Montmartre artist residency program set in Paris, France. The Art Explora Festival is a mobile boat museum project. It is a traveling digital exhibition which criss-crosses the Mediterranean Sea.

Projects that US Donors can Support

With the help of Friends of Fondation de France, U.S donors can support exciting projects:

– The Montmartre artist residency set in Paris, France, which supports about 20 artists per year.

– From October 2023, the Art Explora Festival: a traveling cultural festival in the Mediterranean sea with local curators, institutions and citizens.

Learn more through our blog article published on August 7, 2023.