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Bringing Financial Equity to Higher Education


“Never stop daring.” That’s the motto of Audencia, a renowned business school created in 1900 in Nantes, France. And their long-term goals are just that – daring.

Through their new strategic plan, the school aims to increase students receiving scholarships from 15% to 25% of the total population and their international student base from 30% to 40%. However, unlike most European higher education institutions, Audencia does not receive public funds – relying entirely on student tuition and private donations to cover their operating budget. This means that meeting their aggressive growth objectives will call upon growing support from private donors and alumni.

That challenge is now even greater due to current global events.

In the face of the economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic, ALL students are confronting financial hardships. Compounded by recent needs to increase tuition so that Audencia could maintain its high level of academic excellence, students from modest financial backgrounds are in the greatest peril.

Yet the spirit of daring is strong throughout Audencia alumni – including nearly 400 currently living in the United States – and other friends of the institution, and they are confident this community will rise to meet the moment. That’s why Audencia is excited to offer an opportunity to “give back” through Friends of Fondation de France.

How U.S. Donors are Paying it Forward

Since 2009, Audencia has been supported by the nonprofit Fondation Audencia. In just over a decade, more than 700 scholarships have been awarded, and more than €16 million have been collected from generous private patrons.

Today, Fondation Audencia has expanded its reach to be sponsored in the U.S. by Friends of Fondation de France. This means that U.S.-based donors can designate a gift directly to Fondation Audencia that will dramatically impact the next generation – while simultaneously enjoying a charitable tax deduction according to American tax law. 

Donors designating gifts to support Fondation Audencia are leading the way in three critical ways:

  1. Contributions to the “Solidarity Fund” increase the number of scholarships available to students, as well as provide essential financial assistance those who lost their student jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic and families who are suffering through economic uncertainties and difficulties. 
  2. Gifts targeted at international scholarships support students who would not be able to complete their studies abroad due to high living costs, particularly for those students coming from countries with comparatively low purchasing power.
  3. Designating funds to “Entrepreneur Grants” builds support for student entrepreneurs to cover their living costs while developing and launching their projects. 


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Changing Lives through Friends of Fondation de France

A student recently shared, “I lost my student job. Fondation Audencia’s help enabled me to pay for my last year of school, as I did not have enough with my bank loan.” 

No young person should ever fear that their education is on the line because of financial hardship. Donors to Fondation Audencia in the U.S. and around the world are truly changing lives through the invaluable student assistance they provide – making the seemingly impossible within reach again.

Your tax-deductible gift to Fondation Audencia, facilitated by Friends of Fondation de France, can unlock bright futures for students who are on the path to contributing towards a better world

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