A Platform Protecting Whistleblowers in Africa

Henri Thulliez, Director of the Platform to Protect Whistleblowers in Africa (PPLAAF)

Threats instead of Thanks Auditors Gradi Koko and Navy Malela discovered suspicious transactions at the bank they worked in. Large fraudulent deposits were being made to a businessman who was sanctioned by the U.S. because of his ties to the regime of former DRC President Joseph Kabila. When Koko and Malela raised the alarm with […]

Bringing Financial Equity to Higher Education

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How U.S. Donors are Paying it Forward Since 2009, Audencia has been supported by the nonprofit Fondation Audencia. In just over a decade, more than 700 scholarships have been awarded, and more than €16 million have been collected from generous private patrons. Today, Fondation Audencia has expanded its reach to be sponsored in the U.S. […]

Celebrate this Holiday Season with Les Réveillons de la solidarité

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Overcoming Isolation in France during the Holidays In 2020, more than 7 million people in France were isolated (growing from 4 million just a decade prior). The post COVID-19 reality certainly contributed to the stark increase in loneliness around the world. Yet, other driving factors like employment, age, disability, family circumstances, and illness make isolation […]

The Dance Between Activism and ARTivism

Equipe LOBA

Freeing Female Voices When visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), LOBA’s founders saw that dance brought freedom of expression to women. Sabourin, who is Franco-Congolese, helped make this link to the DRC. Re-Creation by LOBA piloted a project in 2017 with female victims of rape as a weapon of war. The program combined dance […]

Afrique Sur Bièvre: Promoting African Cinema in France

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Exposure for the Rich Culture of Africa Beginning in 2007, Afrique sur Bièvre was founded by dedicated individuals who wanted to bring their loves of cinema and Africa together. Not only was there interest in participation, but a need. Like in America, African films are underrepresented on cinema screens in France, despite exploring hot topics […]

Rebuilding Lebanon: One Year After the Explosion

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Providing social and psycho-social assistance After a sudden and shocking event of mass destruction, psychological distress is a significant reality and concern – especially for residents close to Beirut’s port (where the blast was located) who were already particularly vulnerable and impoverished.   Fondation de France is backing 11 psycho-social projects that aim to prevent psychological disorders, provide counseling to struggling individuals, […]

Making Positive Environmental Change for 50 Years

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Joining Forces to Fight Climate Change As a proud member of the French Coalition of Foundations for Climate (CFFC), a group of foundations and endowment funds that seek to address climate change in the nonprofit and grant-making sector, Fondation de France is committed to finding innovative and cooperative ways to transform our world.  Fondation de France, with its various Environment programs and 100 donor-advised funds, is actively […]

The Five Major Trends In French Philanthropy


1. Increased Giving Amounts from Overall Less Donors Gross charitable contributions have remained steady in France, but the dynamics of philanthropy have shifted. While donors are giving a higher average gift than years past, the number of individuals making those gifts are declining.  Generational and socioeconomic demographics are at play: 32% of donors belong to […]

The Pursuit of Democratic Philanthropy

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Diverse Funding The foundation landscape around the world today inadvertently hands a disproportionate measure of power to a small number of donors providing the majority of charitable funding.  From the start, Fondation de France has cultivated a diverse range of revenue streams including an endowment from varied assets, small gifts from a large pool of […]