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Since the 70’s, plastic pollution in our oceans has become a major ecological, economic, social and public health emergency. Today, it is estimated that one ton of waste is dumped into the oceans every 3 seconds. By 2050, if nothing is done, there will be as much plastic as fish in the ocean. Because it threatens the planet’s main ecosystem and the very survival of humankind, we have a collective responsibility to fight this scourge now, on a global scale.

Created in 2016, The SeaCleaners is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing marine plastic pollution. It takes concrete actions and develops solutions both at sea and on land to prevent and mitigate plastic pollution. Its missions include:

  • The collection of floating plastic waste in high concentration areas before it sinks or breaks down into microplastics.
  • The contribution to scientific knowledge through research and open data sharing.
  • The alleviation of the problem at its source through education and public awareness initiatives, and waste clean-up operations with teams of volunteers.
  • The transition to a circular economy by developing and demonstrating innovative and ecofriendly technological solutions.


With their contributions, US donors can support:

  • The construction and the operating of a revolutionary vessel (The Manta) to develop innovative collection and reuse solutions of plastic waste in the sea.
  • Actions (such as beach cleanups, city cleanups, river cleanups) to collect and valorize plastic waste.
  • Activities and tools accessible to all audiences (schools and extra-curricular establishments, the general public and companies) to educate and raise awareness regarding plastic pollution.