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Fondation Gautier Capuçon aims to support the musical vocation of exceptional young artists in France and abroad during their studies and to help them in the first steps of their career.

With Friends of Fondation de France, US donors will support a scholarship program for young deserving musicians and awards to help them at the beginning of their professional life for concert and recording opportunities.

(c) Anoush Abrar

In a world where budding musicians face countless challenges, the Fondation Gautier Capuçon emerged as a beacon of hope. Launched amidst the COVID-19 turmoil by renowned cellist Gautier Capuçon, this initiative offers not just scholarships, but a platform for young talents to shine. From granting study opportunities to orchestrating concerts with established maestros, the foundation’s inaugural year is replete with tales of passion, perseverance, and promise.

Dive into Fondation Gautier Capuçon’s remarkable first year and discover how dreams are being transformed into harmonious realities (published on December 19th, 2022).