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Mission & Vision

In order to ensure the independence and excellence of its offering, Correspondances has created the Correspondances Foundation, with the aim of restoring the musical repertoire inherited from the Sun King’s century to its rightful place. Designed to promote Baroque music more widely, the foundation has set up a network of philanthropists committed to this objective. Because each production of Correspondances ensemble is the result of lengthy research and preparation work, Sébastien Daucé wishes to gather the best researchers of the new generation for innovative musical projects.

Actions Led

Correspondances set up a veritable research laboratory bringing together musicologists, historians and theatre or opera managers upstream of the projects to give them greater legitimacy and a density that will make a difference in the musical landscape. In addition to its stage presence with some sixty performances a year, Correspondances is committed to a process of transmission and sharing, offering workshops for discovery, practice and encounters for all audiences, especially young people.

Projects that US Donors can Support 

US donors can support the organization of Ensemble Correspondances concerts and shows in France and abroad, as well as educational, cultural and artistic activities carried out by Ensemble Correspondances.