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Mission & Vision

CHAMS is a startup NGO aimed at bringing tech education and employment to refugee hosting zones. Integrating Tech in Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship is CHAMS’ ambition to create bridges for refugees toward integration and citizenship. After opening its first school in Jordan in 2019, its ambition is to train 10,000 students by 2030 to foster creative communities in other refugee-hosting countries as well.

Actions Led

Since 2018, CHAMS has built and operated coding schools and entrepreneurship boot camps within or near refugee camps. 

Between 2019 and 2022, CHAMS launched six coding boot camps (partnering with Amazon Web Services, re/Start program in the United States) with more than 150 students trained. CHAMS elongated the course to allow more time for refugees to adjust to the program. CHAMS also increased the course time to incorporate soft skills techniques and English language classes, essential to land an international or local job.

In 2023, CHAMS scale its operations and build a disruptive coding school: 42 Amman. It is based on the prestigious 42 Paris schools (

42 Amman, a program by the Crown Prince Foundation, is a future-proof computer science program that aims to educate Jordan’s next generation of coders. The program is part of the global network of 42, which is tackling the world-wide digital developer shortage by changing the face of education through its unique methodology.

Utilizing an innovative peer-to-peer, project-based, teacher-less, tuition-free approach, 42 Amman will graduate highly skilled developers ready to take on the challenges of the future.

42 Amman is a program by the Crown Prince Foundation, led in partnership with CHAMS Association, and strategic partnership of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation of Jordan, the French Embassy in Jordan, and implemented by the College of Advanced Vocational Training of Jordan (CAVT).

We are currently running the preselection process called « the piscine » with refugees from Syria, Irak and Yemen. A cohort of 150 students will begin on the 25th of August 2024.

Projects that US Donors Can Support

US donors can support the implementation and operation of a new IT and coding training in 24 schools in Amman, Jordan, aimed at refugees and underprivileged communities.

Learn more through our blog article published on February 24th, 2022.