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Giving Season: Extend your Generosity!


Giving season is underway! This period is a chance for us to unite by showing kindness and giving back to the ones who need it the most. The act of giving enables us to be changemakers, contribute to make the world a safer place, and build the environment we all want to live in. For that purpose, we encourage you to join a global and inclusive community of change drivers and escalate generosity worldwide by supporting the actions of Fondation de France.

Since it was created more than 50 years ago, the main goal of Fondation de France has been to create a French model of philanthropy and accelerate generosity. At a national scale, they provide donors with the opportunity to commit to one or several causes of their choice. The programs encompass all causes of public interest, starting from the fight against cancer treatment resistance, by way of aid to migrants or acting for students and higher education to environment or democratizing arts and culture for instance.

Yet, our activity goes further than the French borders. Fondation de France has always supported actions internationally. We have been present abroad for several decades, both through our current programs and through our emergency actions. We enlist the best experts in all areas of public interest, on a voluntary basis. This approach enables us to grasp the issues in all their dimensions and to build the best levers for action. We anchor our action in the heart of the territories, to be in direct contact with local realities in all their singularities. Locally, we work with actors on the ground to identify, select and support the most innovative and exemplary actions.

This year, what if you got off the beaten track, went further in your donating habits and supported the programs of our organization? Generosity knows no borders!

As a reminder, you can benefit from tax deduction before the year is over.


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