Welcome Domitille Marchal Lemoine as new Executive Director

Domitille Marchal Lemoine

Friends of Fondation de France announces the appointment of Domitille Marchal Lemoine as Executive Director of the organization, effective January 17.

Domitille Marchal Lemoine will be the first Executive Director of the organization, incorporated in 2000 in New York, to advance international philanthropy, support American donors in  making secure and effective cross-border gifts, and help charitable nonprofits achieve their  mission. As a multi-skilled communications professional, Domitille will bring Friends of  Fondation de France comprehensive experience in advising organizations around the globe. A  graduate from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), she holds a Master’s  degree in International Business from Université Paris Dauphine. She started her career as a  communications specialist in the private sector, mainly with leading French insurance broker  Gras Savoye. She first entered the nonprofit world advising various foundations in London, UK, and has worked for the past seven years as a consultant for nonprofits in the United States,  shaping their messages and strategies to advance initiatives on education, human rights,  protecting young people and scientific research to name just a few.  

In this position, Domitille will enhance Friends of Fondation de France’s support to nonprofits  around the globe. Axelle Davezac, Chair of the Board of Friends of Fondation de France said:  “We are strongly committed to encouraging international solidarity and to offering both  simplicity and effectiveness, so that donors and organizations can focus on causes, not  infrastructures. With Domitille’s leadership, we will unlock the potential of charities to raise  mission-critical giving in the United States.”  

Donors and charities benefit from the combined expertise of Fondation de France’s leading  position in French and European philanthropy, and a trusted structure in the United States  through Friends of Fondation de France. This ensures security, simplicity and cost-effectiveness. “Generosity knows no borders, and Friends of Fondation de France provides an incredibly  reliable and safe way to support charities in France, Europe and beyond. With Domitille’s appointment, we are confident that more partners seeking to make a global impact will join  us,” said Victoria Bjorklund, Board Member and Secretary of the Board. 

“It is an honor to join Friends of Fondation de France at this critical juncture in its history and  help expand opportunities for all philanthropists in the United States to make a long lasting  difference in France, Europe and beyond,” said Domitille Marchal Lemoine. 

About Friends of Fondation de France 

Friends of Fondation de France is an IRC section 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in 2000 to facilitate giving to pre-approved charitable projects. The organization provides an easy,  trustworthy and cost-effective way for American individuals, families, corporations and  foundations to support nonprofits around the world.  

About Fondation de France 

For more than 50 years, Fondation de France, an independent public-benefit organization, has  been the leading philanthropy network in France. Fondation de France enables philanthropists  to take action and contribute to building a fairer society. In 2020, the organization supported  more than 10,000 projects and granted over 220 million euros.  

Fondation de France is a founding partner of Transnational Giving Europe, a member of several  European and International philanthropy networks including Philea, NEF, EVPA and Wings, and  a Trustee of Alliance Magazine. 

More information 

Domitille Marchal Lemoine – Executive Director of Friends of Fondation de France

domitille@friendsoffdf.org – (+1) 914 338 3809

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